Some examples of our work

from haya with love

Haya Dar is an influential food blogger in Israel who approached me back in 2017 seeking a website refresh.  Haya is ecstatic with the new site and now able to engage with her fans via email marketing and her users are able to bookmark their favorite recipes.

snowfire samoyeds

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  • From Haya With Love
  • Snowfire Samoyeds
  • Funky Pops Records
  • Bring The Heat
  • Scott Grubbe
  • DJ Swann
  • BB Nutrition
  • Western Gives
  • Vergie Speed

funky pops records

Jason approached me in July of 2017 and needed a website for his record label. He wanted an easy-to-use commerce site that could display the artwork and music in a beautiful way. He has a large mailing list that he wanted to expand upon so highlighting the newsletter sign-up was critical. 

bring the heat

In 2017 I helped organize a Beat Battle for music producers in Alberta. We needed an easy way to sell tickets for the event and to showcase the producers. This site came together really nicely and received critical acclaim from the community

scott grubbe

Scott is a good buddy of ours and he desperately needed a website redesign. He wanted to be able to chat live with potential clients and create content and easily spread it out to all his social platforms. We pitched him some designs and found a couple great solutions to suit his needs.

Back in 2015 I decided I needed to make a website for my DJ business. I needed a place I could display my upcoming gigs, sell merch, and share music I’ve created. I wanted a site that  loaded quickly and was easy to conduct transactions.

balanced bodies nutrition

Adrianna approached me in January of 2018 and needed a website for her nutritional coaching business. She wanted to focus on before/after results from her clients. A major key to the site for her was to integrate her current client management solution she has in place. The site would focus on recruitment of new clients.

western gives

In December of 2016 I was asked for assistance in creating a new solution for the Western Communities Foundation. They were in need of a fundraising solution to manage 150 campaigns with administrators for each. We used some unique WordPress fundraising tools to display the progress to our audience and to manage the campaigns on the back-end. 

vergie speed

Glenn Vergie was referred to me by a friend and his business needed a website refresh. They train High School athletes who are moving on to compete at the University level and they needed a modern design refresh. One of the large obstacles was combing their sister companies’ website into the fold. Another hurdle from a user point of view was integrating the MindBody account which controls all the booking for their athletes.

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